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It'll Take All of Us to Win the War Against Wildfires.

Help Us Save Lives and Properties by Improving Wildfire Management

Join us on these Zoom webinars every two weeks to share your input on how to improve wildfire management

Wildfire Management: A 10,000 Foot Viewpoint!

Our Alliance is back on Zoom, networking with emergency response professionals, fire prediction software entrepreneurs and government agencies charged with the responsibility of protecting citizens and managing the growing threat of out-of-control wildfires. We’ll talk early detection, hotspotting, perimeter mapping and data-driven analysis. Please watch for upcoming Event Invites!

Mapping Wildfires from a Plane

Wildfires are burning millions of acres of land across the United States and Canada every year. We rely on firefighters to protect our lives, homes, and forests. The impacted area is expanding each year.

When fighting wildland fires, firefighters prioritize public safety. Knowing how a wildfire might behave is critical for fire managers. It’s important is to see where the fire’s perimeter has changed; where it has jumped guards. This shows the advance of the fire. Having this information can help fire managers organize safe evacuations and assign resources for optimal effect.

Science has changed how we think about wildfires and how we manage them. New imaging technology can help us prevent fires and devastating events. Fire managers can now “start making tactical decisions based on what they can see,” even before firefighters reach the scene.

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