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Our Technology



VeriMap's adaptable design and small footprint create a significant opportunity to easily transport and integrate into new and existing aerial platforms - allowing us to partner with aviation service providers in three main image collection methods:

  • SpaceBorne Satellite Digital Imagery
  • Manned Aircraft Digital Imagery
  • Un-Manned Aircraft (UAV) Digital Imagery

In 2016, we re-engineered our systems into a low-weight, compact design; specifically created to integrate into a long-range drone platform for our partner, Drone America.

Our remote sensor is specifically designed for light aircraft and medium sized UAV's. Equipped with a wide-area, thermal hybrid camera, 5000pixel swath, and 90° field of view; the Thermal Shark's adaptable, efficient, and compact design is unparalleled to any other remote sensing system.

Coming Spring 2018: gyro feedback mount with stabilized roll compensation.