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Verimap has 26 years of thermal IR experience.

Having worked with Alberta Forestry in fire-mapping since 2003, and setting speed-of-capture records with our hybrid sensor in 2009, we continue to advance the technology. In 2019, VeriMap, with Special Projects Inc., demonstrated a real-time hot-spot detection service for daytime operations. Using image analysis with AI/machine learning in real-time lets us find information in imagery not found with the human eye.

The Verimap System Excels In Multiple Mission Profiles


Additional Services

Verimap Captures Thermal IR and Colour Imagery Simultaneously

High resolution and high precision mapping of fires, rail tracks, environmental assets, road systems, utility corridors, pipeline routes or right of ways. Let us know your needs.

Unparalleled Coverage

VeriMap aerial imaging systems are based on proven hybrid sensor technology we developed 14 years ago, providing a unique and efficient method of coverage. Image swath widths are 3 to 5 times that of conventional single-frame optic systems, at comparable and better resolutions.​ For high-altitude large-area fire surveys, we map up to 1-million acres (~400,000 hectares) per hour, at greater than 150cm/px effective ground resolution.

Hyper Spectral Water