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Find the Fires Faster
Early Detection Saves Money & Lives
See Through the Smoke
Conquer Zero Visibility with Thermal Infrared Vision
Map Millions of Acres per Day or Night
Fast, Cost-effective, Wide-area Reconnaissance
Aerial Mapping Solutions for Wildfires
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Early Detection

We capture hot spot locations after lightning strikes and campfire abandonments. Find the fires faster, before it's too late.

Perimeter Mapping

Verimap’s crew captures thermal imagery of wildfires and then maps the perimeters. We help to manage the fires more effectively, saving money and lives.

Data Analysis

Our data can be used, post-fire, to improve operations. What went right? What went wrong? We can also deliver full-colour imagery of wildfire devastation upon completion of our mission.

Detect 10 cm Hotspots from 10,000 ft @ 200 mph

The Government of Canada reports that an average 7,500 wildfires ignite annually in our country and burn an area half the size of Nova Scotia.
Let’s find the fires faster, before it’s too late.

Why Not Drones?

Drones cannot map one million acres a night. Nor are they allowed to share airspace with water bombers. They can be helpful in certain hot-spotting operations, but there is a clear need for thermal mapping via fixed-wing planes.

Faster, Better, Cheaper Wildfire Management

By fast, we mean we can map a million acres a night. What’s better about our data? It’s high-enough resolution that it’s actionable. And you can compare our pricing any time you like.

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Why Not Satellites?

For distant, lower-resolution monitoring, satellites can be extremely effective partners. We believe planes and satellites should work together. Our early detection pinpoints the location of 10 cm embers from 10,000 feet.

Don’t Let it Burn

In 2017, wildfires in BC produced 150 million tons of carbon dioxide. Let it burn? In Canada, annual carbon emissions from wildfires can equal those from fossil fuels across the country.

Our services

We Help Save Billions

Canada spends $1 billion annually combatting wildfires. “However, indirect costs can rise to several billion dollars from property loss, damaged infrastructure, industrial shutdowns, evacuations, health-related expenses, and losses in sectors including tourism, forestry, and energy,” the Government of Canada says.

Help Us Improve Wildfire Management

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“The amount of forest burned by wildfire is projected to double by 2050 due to our changing climate, which is causing longer wildfire seasons, more extreme weather conditions and increased droughts,” according to the Government of Canada.

At Verimap, our mission is to help improve wildfire management. Our operational expertise enables us to fly at the right speeds and altitudes and collect actionable data to positively impact the firefighting effort. The extent to which we are successful in this mission is reliant on the input we receive from government agencies, Incident Control leaders, fire departments and private sector players. We need to hear from you. Please join our conversation!

About us

VeriMap Plus Inc.

VeriMap has provided Thermal Infra-Red (TIR) products to clients since 1993.
Pre-fire, we capture hot spot locations after lightning strikes and campfire abandonments. From 10,000 feet, flying at 200 MPH, Verimap is able to pinpoint a 10×10 cm burning ember.
During active wildfires, we map perimeters, sending the data to ground crews to help them deploy resources appropriately. Post-fire, our thermal data from the active fire can be used to analyze the operational success or failure (lessons learned) of the firefighting effort. We can also provide colour aerial photography of the fire’s devastation. This can be used for insurance purposes, operational efficiency improvements, etc.

Wildfire Mapping Services

Our MMT new technology means that we are able to map faster and more accurately

Infrastructure Services

VeriMap offers efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solutions for large enterprise organizations

Environmental Services

VeriMap solutions-based services can be applied to various environmental applications

Emergency Response Management

We are specialized in Airborne Thermal Mapping and Digital Remote Sensing since 1998

Adaptable to Multi-Aerial Platform

VeriMap's adaptable design and small footprint create a significant opportunity

VeriMap Technical Advantages

Versatile, applicable to multi-spectral applications, Auto-Tracking Capable

Learn how our services can help you manage wildfires.