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Verimap Custom Geo-Spatial Solutions

Our custom services provide aerial inspections and remote sensing solutions to Organizations managing large spans of topographical data.

We provide the right Geo-Spatial data for making informed decisions FAST and with confidence.

We specialise in Thermal, Colour Infrared, Hyperspectral and full Colour inspections in remote and urban settings.

Innovative Technology

Bringing large spans of 3D terrestrial imaging data you need in near real time.

Fast, Responsive Data

Speed and accuracy are crucial in the delivery of situational, geo-referenced imaging and data when it comes to mitigating natural disasters, saving lives, and minimizing impact to property.

VeriMap has years of experience in Wildfire mapping providing rapid acquisition and delivery systems since 1998.

Thermal Shark 5000

Imaging Portfolio

Over the past 15 years, VeriMap has provided a variety of aerial imaging products for organizations such as: USGS Florida Environmental protection agency, Korean Aerospace Research Institute and Universities of Alabama and Alberta.

Recent News

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