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Verimap is considered one of the leading-edge companies in fire-mapping. We are recognized by both industry and governmental agencies alike.  Our track record makes us a go-to company for organizations in North America and the entire world.

Time critical missions are where we shine. We produce high resolution imagery, and data that is instantly transmitted directly to ground crews. Our systems can be fitted to conventional aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Our efficiency in the air  reduces cost which is passed on to you our clients. Our ground-breaking ‘MMT’ technology consists of  an impressive 120 degree field of view wide area imaging system together with our Rapid Delivery System.

Wildfire Remote Sensing Professionals

Wildfire Services

Together with trusted industry partners, we have integrated custom algorithms and software with advanced technologies. This ground-breaking system creates a practically unequaled 120-degree field of view for high-resolution images. Our efficiency in the air reduces cost, which is passed on to you our clients.

Large Area Survey

High speed - high altitude flyover of active wildfire, or patrol for new fire-starts.

Flown at any time of day or night, the active fire is easily picked up with our thermal imaging system.

Hotspot Patrol

Low altitude - high resolution flyover for precision discovery and surveillance of smouldering areas and hotspots.

Highly effective in mop-up operations once fire is under control.

Perimeter Mapping

Map and monitor fire fronts, right of ways, and utility corridors to update an accurate perimeter for improved planning and asset distribution.

Custom system automatically tracks along paths of interest, providing uninterrupted capture even along non-linear paths.

One System, Multiple Missions​

The VeriMap collection systems were specifically developed to accomplish faster delivery of visual-band and thermal mapping.  Collaboration with Canadian forestry management agencies has assisted in development, and the technology has received wide-spread recognition from fire management agencies worldwide.


Additional Services


Verimap prides itself on having both high resolution and high precision mapping. With Verimap we have you covered! We fly rail tracks, road systems, utility corridors, pipeline routes or even right of ways.

Unparallelled Coverage

VeriMap aerial imaging systems are based on proven Step-Stare technology, providing a unique and extremely efficient method of coverage. Image swath widths are more than ten-times that of conventional single-frame optic systems, at comparable resolutions.​ For high-altitude large-area fire surveys, we map up to 1-million acres (~400,000 hectares) per hour, at greater than 150cm/px effective ground resolution.

Hyper Spectral Water