Example Dataset

Town of Banff, Alberta

Aerial thermal mosaic of Banff, Alberta, Canada This midnight mission was conducted to locate naturally occurring geothermal springs. Banff is historically important because of these springs, the prehistoric use of which has evolved into the world-famous Banff Hot Springs. This imagery showcases the sensitivity of our LWIR thermal camera in highlighting the springs using false colour (grey-orange-red) indicating an increase in temperature. Of note in this project: At center-left, the outflow and native habitat of the endangered Banff Springs snail. At bottom-center are natural hot spring outflows. At top-right is the popular campsite, busy with numerous campfires in use.

Frames 7,000
Project Area 10,000 ha
Project Date May 2019
Project Time 00:30 h
Resolution 50 cm
Spectrum LW InfraRed