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Autres services :
Cartographie des inondations, interventions d'urgence et agriculture de précision

Flood Mapping

VeriMap specializes in Airborne Thermal Mapping and Digital Remote Sensing to deliver fast and economical digital imaging products to the front lines and Emergency Response Management agency hands.

Precision Agriculture

We can quickly and cost-effectively provide
GPS-based aerial thermal imagery of large
agricultural areas. This can help agriculture
owners and organizations with crop inventories
and crop health data to guide crop

Emergency Response

Fast, Responsive Situation Imaging

Speed and accuracy of the delivery of large situational Geo-referenced imaged data is critical in making the right decisions to save lives, property and to minimize impact.

Rapid Delivery System (RDS)

We use various methods of communication to send geo-processed 3D images to First Responders while in flight in real-time. Even in extreme remote locations, we upload mapped critical data to an Internet portal at the landing site in minutes not hours.

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster relief – State and Local governments (detection and mapping to deploy life rafts, water, find survivors, establish temporary cell service)
  • Fire suppression (lightning strike detection and water deployment)
  • Disaster Mapping Insurance Assessment Verification
  • Emergency Response & Search and Rescue