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Our Methods


We offer organizations full spectral solutions – providing our clients with the right data to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Current image timing methods are not accurate enough to do what we call “Rapid Direct Registration” mapping.

VeriMap’s recently re-engineered legacy systems are built on a proven Step-Stare technology providing a unique and very efficient wide-angle field of view (FOV) with the ability to image extreme swaths of terrestrial data in a single pass.

VeriMap application systems use GIS mapping and geomatics engineering methods to perform post-process analysis. The sensor system systematically captures and produces carefully calibrated areal thermal images (large area geo-referenced maps) from a planned aerial vantage.

Our custom interrogation software can be gauged to automatically zone in and detect thermal anomalies (eg. fires, flooded areas, hot electrical connections) and provide analytical data complete with special positioning coordinates.