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Our Technology



VeriMap Sensor Systems are design-based on our proven Step-Stare technology providing a unique and very efficient wide-angle field of view (FOV), capable of imaging extreme swaths of terrestrial data while retaining high-resolution 14bit data. (Ten times of conventional systems in single pass).


Our Sensors are specifically designed to integrate into light aircraft and Long-Range UAV platforms. The Thermal Shark has a 500 0pixel swath at a 90° FOV providing an unparalleled image resolution at 10,000ft AGL.



Data and image ortho-processing techniques were developed specifically to accommodate fast delivery for wildfire thermal mapping services for Western Canadian forestry management organizations.


Adaptable to Multi-Aerial Platform

VeriMap's adaptable design and small footprint create a significant opportunity to integrate onto many aerial platforms and adapt the technology to configure into multi-spectral , color, UV and Hyperspectral imaging products.


Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV platforms

VTOL Long-Range Drones Can carry larger payloads of sensor equipment and can cover a 90 km flight radius and perform 3 hr missions.


Inertial Systems Auto-Tracking Feature

The Latest VriMap Inertial Systems perform corridor mapping using a pre-flight Auto-Tracking system. The sensor is programmed to aim at a corridor centre allowing pilots to concentrate on flight control while images retain full seamless capture.

  • No data capture gaps
  • No corridor re-allignment aerial loops required
  • 15 % less air time for Data Acquisitions
  • 15% less image processing
  • Cleaner data sets

Multi-Sensor Parallel Data Acquisition

VeriMap introduces a multi-spectral configuration that allows for parallel data acquisitions in a single pass . Inertial Systems has released a multi-sensor acquisition system based on the FireHawk 5000 fire mapper. It integrates Color, Thermal and LiDAR in a single acquisition and ortho-processor unit.


The new sensor system design is configured for two spectral cameras along with a LiDAR data acquisition. Camera are easily swapped out for various combinations.


The VeriMap Technical advantage summarized:

  • A compact footprint – Capable to be integrated into a Long-Range UAV(Drone)
  • Will integrate into most any aerial platform – Fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Easy to transport to international locations and use locally available aircraft.
  • Collect and process large areas fast with high resolution and spatial accuracy.
  • Speeds of geo-referenced image delivery approaching real-time.
  • Versatile technology applicable to multi-spectral applications (Colour, CIR, Hyperspectral cameras).
  • Military grade componentised system, easily replaced and integrated for fast maintenance.
  • Best economic value per acre – High efficiency production yield.
  • Auto -Tracking feature – Allows for camera to continually target a predetermined plot independent of aircraft flight path (No gaps data).