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Early Detection

Find The Fires Faster

According to the Government of Canada, an average 7,500 wildfires ignite annually in our country. Together, they burn about 2.5 million hectares (a hectare is about 2.5 acres) of forest. That’s like burning an area half the size of Nova Scotia.

“The amount of forest burned by wildfire is projected to double by 2050 due to our changing climate, which is causing longer wildfire seasons, more extreme weather conditions and increased droughts,” according to the Government of Canada.

Verimap provides pre-wildfire, early detection services. From our plane in the air, we capture hot spot locations after lightning strikes and campfire abandonments. We do so before they become massive wildfires. From 10,000 feet, flying at 200 MPH, Verimap is able to document a tiny, burning ember, 10×10 cm in size.