Emergency Response Management

Fast, Responsive Situation Imaging

VeriMap PLUS Inc. has specialized in Airborne Thermal Mapping and Digital Remote Sensing since 1998. Speed and accuracy of delivery of large situational Geo-referenced imaged data is critical in making the right decisions to save lives, property and to minimize impact.

Rapid Delivery System (RDS)

We use various methods of communication to send geo-processed 3D images to First Responders while in flight in real-time. Even in extreme remote locations, we upload mapped critical data to an Internet portal at the landing site in minutes not hours.

Flood and Storm Response

VeriMap specializes in Airborne Thermal Mapping and Digital Remote Sensing to deliver fast and economical digital imaging products to the front lines and Emergency Response Management agency hands.

Speed and accuracy of the delivery of large situational Geo-referenced imaged data is critical in making the right decisions to save lives, property and to minimize impact.

Fast and Responsive Data

Communicating timely, reliable and accurate information to the decision-makers dramatically increases the quality of their decisions. Improvements in the speed and accuracy as this information flows through the disaster response networks has the potential to revolutionize crisis response. Equally, VeriMap with it’s years of expert experience in providing aerial wildfire imaging, has the potential to revolutionize situational reconnaissance with its technology and expedited methods.

The key is in maintaining updated terrestrial data; the present and delta change from the past.

  • Geo-referential data provide the crucial changes in time stamped data as overlay maps.
  • It provides clues as to risk to safety of the first responders.
  • It determines where and how to attempt a rescue or establish immediate safe zones
  • Historic data helps plan for emergency events:
    • Establishes the best location for Muster zones.
    • Establish safe buffers to structures, flood plains, erosion levels, mudslide risks.

Extreme Collection Methods

In 2018 we significantly upgraded our wide-area thermal mapping system using SPI integrated hybrid sensor technology. The system sweeps across the flight path to achieve a 90 deg wide Field Of View (FOV), while using high resolution telephoto cameras.

Collecting and processing thermal imaging is now done in realtime.

At 300kts and at 15,000 ft AGL we collect 1 million acres per hour.

  • Wide Area Mapper 40 – 110 Deg FOV
  • Pixel Swath: 5000 pixels
  • Single Frame Sidelap: 15% to 80% (selectable)
  • Single Frame Endlap: 15% to 60% (selectable)
  • Operations Temperature: -20 C to +60 C (non-condensing humidity)
  • Max Collection per Hr: 250,000 ha/hr @ 150kts @ 10,000 ft AGL
  • Actual Optical GSD: 1.0m GSD @ 10,000 ft MSL
  • Humidity: Non-condensing

Additional Services

VeriMap, is known for specific application in Airborne Digital Remote sensing for it’s speed and economics of delivering imaging products. There are however numerous other application where these quality attributes also apply.

Natural Resources

  • Forestry Protection – Wildfire Mapping
  • Forestry Inventory and Health Mapping
  • Oil/Gas & Utility-Corridor Vegetation Mapping

Commercial Agriculture

  • Agriculture Inventory and GPS Precision-Prescription Farming
  • Crop inspection
  • USDA Farms - Agriculture Inventory Ortho-Imagery Service


  • Pollution Assessment Thermal and Multi-Spectral Mapping
  • Salt Water Marsh – marine life inventory mapping
  • Inland Waterways and Fresh Water Wildlife inventory mapping
  • Cloud seeding for rain and snow pack


  • Anti- poaching surveillance (endangered species, fishing)
  • Border and coastguard patrol

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster relief – State and Local governments (detection and mapping to deploy life rafts, water, find survivors, establish temporary cell service)
  • Fire suppression (lightning strike detection and water deployment)
  • Disaster Mapping Insurance Assessment Verification
  • Emergency Response & Search and Rescue


  • Highways Surface Mapping and Bridge Deck Concrete Assessment
  • 911 Urban and Rural Mapping
  • Pipeline and windmill inspection for maintenance/security
  • Electric and telephone line inspection
  • Mining sites – inspection and identification of mineral sites